Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Tales of A Sexting Virgin

I'm pretty confident in who I am and what I like and all that jazz, but I've never had someone in my life who could tête–à–tête so to speak. See in the bedroom I have no qualms about giving directions or explaining what I want, but I've never had the experience of sexting someone. My exs were all too dumb or too disinterested to respond in kind. I would try to initiate and get shut down which does wonders for killing the mood.

My good friend and Fairy Fuck-mother has been guiding through this process and has definitely encouraged me to explore all avenues. She's also a big advocate for textual foreplay as I'm calling it. 

Old Friend has been giving me the experience of a lifetime. The stuff he sends me literally ends up giving me chills. There's something so satisfying about dirty texting at the most inappropriate of times. She was right, it's very gratifying.

As a side note, this now constitutes as the longest foreplay of my life. No matter how tonight turns out, this was worth it.

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