Thursday, November 10, 2016

Tales of a Serial Monogamist

So I decided I'm ready to start dating casually. While it's only been a month since my ex has been gone, there's a lot that's happened both while we were together and now that we're separated that has helped speed this process up. He lies a lot now and that is one of my biggest pet peeves. When someone lies to you not only is it dishonesty, but it's disrespectful because they believe you're stupid enough to believe it. He's also just had so much anger and an overall bad mood/attitude that it's become unpleasant. It's gotten to the point where I doubt he could win me back even if he wanted to.

So like I said, I'm ready to casually date. I'm not jumping into any serious relationships any time soon. I've never done casual dating and always end up being with people long term, but I want this to be different. There's nothing wrong with having multiple casual dates and I deserve to be wined and dined. The only thing is that I'm used to meeting people the old fashioned way... and no one meets like that anymore. So tonight at the behest of many friends... I set up a Tinder. The one thing I said I would NEVER EVER do, I did. To be fair, one of my friends actually set it up for me. I'm calling her my Fairy Fuck-mother. I guess I'll give this a whirl and see how it goes. Can't hurt right?

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