Sunday, November 13, 2016

Phaser Penis

Okay so now I can elaborate a bit on this. So as you may recall Q drew a picture for my friend and he may or may not have also attempted to draw a dick. I say attempted because it was the strangest looking dick drawing I've ever seen and I watched Superbad. There were some odd bits like a pointy spot and what looked like the handle of a gun... so... Phaser Penis.

So my friends and I walked around ComicCon having a great time and we were perusing the artist tables and we came across one guy who's artwork we really liked. We'll call him The Artist (I know, I'm so damn creative.) We spent quite a bit of time at his booth chatting him up and generally having some laughs when somehow the subject of the Phaser Penis comes up. Of course this lead to a very bewildered expression as he asked, "Phaser penis?" So a back and forth ensues as we keep saying phaser penis to each other and then we realized he thought we said the guy drew a "face or penis" and that's why he was so confused. He's British and so it very quickly turned into calling it a willy.

My friend ended up pulling out the drawing to show him and we explained the whole story. After many more dirty jokes and laughs he decides he's going to take on the challenge of drawing a "face or penis" for us. We exchanged numbers and chatted for the rest of the weekend. We had planned on getting drinks with him, but it just didn't happen, it was just far too busy. But we did agree to chat if he comes back sometime (he lives in Florida now) and we're going to continue to get in touch.

By the end of the weekend he gifted us with some of his artwork which I'll be framing and putting up in my house although sadly it isn't Face or Penis. Maybe I'll get that one by mail...

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